Mauritius - Overnight Trip

Paddle downwind over an amazing clear lagoon before reaching the mangroves of ile d`ambre where we will serpent our way in-between the tranquil islets before reaching a small islet further north where we will set camp for the night.

The next morning we paddle down wind and stop off for some snorkeling and pass along the fishing village of Grand Gaube before reaching Kalodyne.

Starting at noon and finishing at noon.

Distance:  10 kms + 8 kms


SOUTH EAST - (For the fitter paddlers.)

Discover the historical bay of Mahebourg and its islets. This paddle is a tougher one into the wind but so very rewarding. We start of in a river surrounded by big hanging trees and mangroves before enetering the bay of Grand Port and passing by “ilot Chat” (Cat island) and “Ilot Singe” (Monkey island) then we are off into the deeper  waters exactly where the famous battle of 1810 took place between the English and the French.

6 kms further we will reach the historical island of ile de la Passe where you ll be able to visit the ruins of the old battle settlement. We will visit 3 islets in all before reaching a sand bank in the middle of the ocean some 7 kms out.

The next day we will paddle back towards the coast, up a river mouth to the famous GRSE waterfall. Then we will paddle on to have lunch near ilot Menginie. After lunch we finish our expedition at Trou D`eau douce (See press article)

Distance: 17 kms and 17 kms



This Paddle goes from the west Coast to the North of the island passing amazing lagoons, cliffs, bays and river mouths.

Distance: 65kms

More info on request



This trip is an extension of the 4 day trip starting in the South and finishing in the North.

Distance: 100 kms

More info on request


10 - 12 DAY TRIP

This is for advanced paddlers only. We will circle Mauritius some 230 kms with at times calm seas and at other times rough seas. You`ll see a Mauritius through a completely different angle.

More info on request


Rodrigues island

Rodrigues is an island belonging to Mauritius some 580 kms East. The lagoons there are amazing and there are many small islets all about. It’s a haven for the outdoor lovers.

The people in Rodrigues are so friendly and helpful that it is often spoken as a paradise.

In 6 days we will circle Rodrigues  island camping along the way at times and then staying in a guest house.

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Material Used

- 2 North Shore Atlantic
- 1 Valley Nordkapp
- 1 RTM Ysak
- 1 Necky Chatham
- 1 Sea Bird North Sea
- 4 Pelican Elite​
- 1 Paddleyak swift Double